SolidRF Terrain Cell Phone BoosterSolidRF Terrain Cell Phone Booster
Waterproof All-weather On Roof BoosterWaterproof All-weather On Roof Booster
Revolutionary Innovative 6 Antennas DesignRevolutionary Innovative 6 Antennas Design
GPS Signal AmplificationGPS Signal Amplification

SolidRF Terrain Cell Phone Booster


  • Our roof-mounted mobile boosters are suitable for trips to remote areas where vehicles do not have good cell phone and GPS reception. Increases the maximum communication range by 200% to up to 5-8 miles. Increases signal power levels up to 40 times, which makes it the perfect cell phone signal booster if you are far from the nearest cell tower.
  • Compatible With All U.S. Carriers:We have developed a new and more portable mobile cell signal booster for vehicle.Consists of a roof booster,powerful outdoor 6 omni-directional antennas.This cell phone signal booster compatible with all U.S. carriers,including:AT&T,T-Mobile,Verizon,Sprint,Straight Talk,U.S. Cellular ect.
  • Better Antenna Configuration:We also designed the 6 antennas into a detachable mode so that the entire product can be very portable.Compared with the traditional one-antenna,this 6 antennas signal booster can improve the signal receiving and transmitting capabilities by at least 2 times.Let you reduce dropped calls and enjoy stable signal on the road.
  • Disadvantages of Placing Booster on the Roof:The first is to reduce the loss of the cable transmission process from the outdoor antenna to the booster.This will double the maximum communication distance.Second is that it saves installation space inside the vehicle.In addition to its own volume, booster will take up a lot of space because of the actual situation of cable connection and power cord connection.
  • Easy Installation:One of the easiest cell phone signal boosters for vehicle to install on the market.Don’t need drill,simply set up the outdoor antenna on the roof.Run it into your rv&car,and place the indoor antenna on a front seat.
  • FCC Approved:The booster is compliant with the requirements of the standards applied.FCC certification number: A7V-SR87503001.Approved to operate on frequency bands 12, 13,17,5,25,2,4 , without interrupting or harming any cell carriers signals from the cell tower.

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Boost your cell phone signal up to 40 times with our portable mobile cellular signal boosters for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs and boats-Compatible with U.S. Networks & Carriers -Verizon, AT&T Sprint T-Mobile

Suitable for rv, truck, car, bus, taxi,SUV, trailer, camper and small cabin ect.

Supports Multiple Users at the same time,suitable for Any devices that use SIM Card: iPhone, Android Phones, iPad, Tablet PC, Hot Spot.

You could enjoy clear and stable signal environment on the road.

1.Quick and permanent installation:

There have 3 powerful magnets at the bottom of the booster, which can attract the device to the surface of ferrous materials( For aluminum or FRP roofs, we also equipped with metal mounting stickers).

The bottom is also designed with a mounting hole for permanent installation,you could do special installation processing according to yourself conditions.

2.Indoor Antenna installation:

There have 2 powerful velcro at the bottom of the indoor antenna, which can attract the device to the side of seat.

Additional information

Weight 35.2 oz
Dimensions 9.4 × 5.5 × 2.8 in


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